Looking for an alternative vacation in Tuscany? A trekking holiday in Mugello? A nature rich and "green" holiday around the Florence area?

Villa i Ciabattini is the ideal setting for holidays in Florence for those who enjoy the outdoors. Organize your Tuscany trekking vacation and stay in a picturesque location that features dozens of trails and tracks for hiking and trekking.

Book your next vacation in Tuscany with us and get set for plenty of adventure!

Backpacks and hiking boots on and you’re ready to discover the secrets of unspoilt nature along the pathways around Mugello.

Dirt-track roads and pathways, allow the hills and valleys of the area between Tuscany and Romagna to be easily explored. This area has dense undergrowth alternated with woodland and olive groves before the land opens out onto the sunflower and cornfields of the planes. Along the way, you will most likely have the chance to spot wild boars, deer and foxes. From the paths running next to the streams, you can see fish and many types of bird that often sit on the nearby shrubs.

Acqua Cheta offers the chance of 1 or 2 day trekking trails. The amazing 70m high waterfalls was the backdrop of some of Dante Alighieri’s works when he was in exile.

We also suggest following the routes that inspired poet Dino Campana and that were described in his travel journal and other documents. Just like many of the inhabitants of Mugello at that time, the “mad” poet arrived here by foot. Today’s visitors are invited to use the footpaths and bridleways that have stayed in tact since the beginning of the 1900s. These pathways lead Campana to the beautiful spots and breath-taking panoramas of the area that inspired his poetry. He wrote about two of his trips in the Mugello area: The “Viaggio di Amore” made by Dino Campana and Sibilla Aleramo at the highest moment of their love affair and “Pellegrinaggio a la Verna” made by Campana in 1910 (the poet left Marradi to take the long route to the Santuario della Verna in Casentino).

(source: MUGELLOTOSCANA.IT - Download the guide "A piedi con Dino Campana")
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Sport holidays near Florence Italy at Villa i Ciabattini

Sport holidays near Florence Italy at Villa i Ciabattini alternative vacation Tuscany Trekking holiday Mugello nature