Looking for a weekend in Mugello, relaxing holidays in Tuscany? Want to stay in natural oasis? Villa i Ciabattini is just what you've been searching for!

Barberino di Mugello is famous among motorcycle racing fans but is also a great location for relaxing holidays in the nearby "oasis" on the north-east shore of Bilancino Lake. Take a holiday in Barberino or use it as a base for holidays in Tuscany and experience all its natural beauty.

Natural oasis of Gabbianello
On the north-east shore of Lake Bilancino, near the town of Galliano in Barberino di Mugello, is the WWF Gabbianello. The Oasis was created as a recovery intervention aimed at creating environmental wetland habitats, which are among those at greater risk of death globally in Italy and Europe. The Oasis has been recognized as A.N.P.I.L. (Natural Protected Area of Local Interest) of the Regional System of Protected Areas of Tuscany, and is part of the National System of Oasis WWF Italy.

The forest of Giogo Casaglia
In many of these forests we can often experience ancient history. One only has to think of the cloistered community of Vallombrosa, Camaldoli, La Verna and Moscheta nel Mugello where spirituality was combined with managing the land.
The Giogo-Casaglia forest range, which spreads across the Tuscan-Romagna Apennine, is the vastest and most important forest in the area occupying 6,000 hectares in the municipalities of Palazzuolo sul Senio, Borgo San Lorenzo, Firenzuola and Scarperia.
Many deer can be seen here as well the occasional wild boar, hare, wolf, polecat, beech marten, badger, squirrel, dormouse, muscadin and hedgehog. Porcupines can also be seen here on rare occasions. Since 1988, wolves have also been spotted here. Numerous birds of prey are also present. These include diurnal species such as the buzzard and kestrel, as well as nocturnal species, such as the long-eared owl, eagle owl, horned owl and little owl.

National Park of the Casentinesi Monte Falteron and Campigna forests.
The National Park of the Casentinesi Forests lies to the North of Mugello, on the border of the provinces of Arezzo and Forli. The countryside here is most certainly hilly and the well sign-posted footpaths and bridleways are ideal for walking, horse riding or mountain-biking.
Many rare and protected species of flowers can be spotted in this unspoilt nature of age-old oak and beech trees, dense undergrowth, deer and buck. Eagles are often seen here and sightings of wolves have been recorded across the park.
The park can be visited all year around and guided walks are also offered. Suggested visits include: the summit of Falterona, the springs of the Arno, the archaeological site of the Lago dei Idoli, the valley of Acqua Cheta which was described in Dante’s 11th canto in his Inferno, the peaks of the Acuto hills, Falco and Levane.
During winter, when the park is covered with a coat of snow, visitors to the area can do cross-country and down-hill skiing whilst the Northern slopes of Monte Acuto offer the possibility of climbing.
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Nature holiday at Barberino Villa i Ciabattini Italy

Nature holiday at Barberino Villa i Ciabattini Italy Weekend Mugello relaxing holidays Tuscany stay in natural oasis